Warranty Policy


Terms and Conditions

Use of this product constitutes your acceptance of the Victus Warranty and all conditions, limitations and restrictions set forth herein. If you do not agree to all conditions, limitations and restrictions set forth herein, you may return the unused, non-custom product in its original condition and with the original proof of purchase to Victus for a full refund. Customized bats, including any wood bats, may not be returned or exchanged for a refund.

Eligible Products

Victus Sports offers a warranty policy on our Pro Reserve and Custom Pro Reserve wood bats; and our aluminum and composite metal bats. We do not currently offer a warranty policy on apparel, accessories, or other products.

Wood Bat Warranty

Victus Sports offers a 61 day warranty on Pro Reserve models listed on our website. V-Cuts, Grit Matte and wood bats purchased at Victus Mobile Tour are not covered by the 61-day warranty. All wood bats are hand crafted to your exact specifications. Upon completion, your bat is inspected to ensure no blemishes or defects. Still, there are times that your bat may break for a variety of reasons.  If that happens within 61 days of purchase, we will be happy to provide a replacement bat, as long as there is no evidence of misuse.  All shipping charges will fall on the returning customer.

Examples of misuse that will not be covered under warranty include, but are not limited to:

  • Hitting anything other than baseballs
  • Hitting dimple balls at batting cages
  • Slamming the bat down
  • Collapsed cups that do not affect the bat's performance

All bats will be inspected upon return, and bats deemed unusable will be replaced.  If a bat is deemed usable, or abused, we will send the bat back to the customer with a detailed explanation.

If your Pro Reserve bat breaks within 61 days of purchase, please fill in the form located in the link below, and send the bat back to us for review, along with a proof of purchase (submitted digitally). As long as there is no clear evidence of misuse and the bat purchase was made within the last 61 days, your bat will be replaced, and a new bat will be shipped to you. If there is evidence of misuse, you will receive a detailed email with a full report.

Orders can only be replaced 1 time per bat purchase.


All returns must be shipped within 10 business days of a submitted warranty claim.


To submit a claim, please visit:

Aluminum and Composite Bat Warranty

Sole & Exclusive Warranty:The warranty provided herein is the sole and exclusive warranty provided for Victus non-wood bats. Victus disclaims and the purchaser waives all other express or implied warranties

including but not limited to the warranty against redhibitory vices and hidden defects, the warranty of merchantability, the warranty that the product is fit for its intended purpose and the warranty that the product is of a specific kind or quality.


Sole & Exclusive Remedy:The remedies provided herein, repair or replacement are the sole remedies available and purchaser waives all other remedies including but not limited to recovery of consequential

damages, attorney’s fees and legal expenses. In the event of legal proceeding or arbitration, purchaser agrees that any monetary recovery will be limited to the purchase price of the bat.


WARRANTY: Victus provides the original purchaser a one-time replacement within 12 months of the original date of purchase under the following conditions:

1. The bat is accompanied by the original receipt (proof of purchase).

2. The bat was purchased from an authorized Victus Dealer. We do not warranty any product purchased from or through a third party including, but not limited to, Craigslist, eBay and other non-authorized retailers.

3. The bat broke as a result of a manufacturer’s defect during normal use.

Victus Warranty covers manufacturer’s defects resulting from normal use including:

• Cracking

• Severe denting (Note: Minor flat spots & small indentations are normal under certain instances and will be reviewed by our professional staff to assess if such damage warrants a replacement)

• Detached endcaps or knobs

• Loose particles inside of barrels

Proper Bat Care Guidelines

Victus bats are high-performance products. The lifespan of these high-performance products depends on the amount of use and care given to each bat. We suggest the following for proper care and use:

• Bats are used with leather covered baseballs and softballs only. Using weighted or non-traditional baseballs or softballs can and will damage certain bats voiding any warranty.

• Bats should be for personal use only. Bats used by multiple participants can and will decrease the lifespan of the bat.

• Bats should not be used in weather resulting in temperatures below 60°F (15°C). Temperatures below this range make balls harder than normal and therefore can increase damage to bats.

• Throwing of bats or hitting of bats against objects such as cleats, rocks, or anything besides leather covered balls will damage bats and decrease its lifespan. This can also cause premature damage to the bat resulting in an increase in damage potential.

• To clean your bats, use water and mild soap. Do not use any type of chemicals for cleaning as they can damage the finish, cosmetics, and integrity of certain components.

Victus Warranty does not cover:

• Bats that have been abused, altered, or mistreated due to improper care, accidents, misuse, overuse or negligence

• Bats that have been used in commercial batting cages

• Bats that have been used in temperatures below 60°F(15°C)

• Bats purchased from non-authorized Victus Dealers

• Bats not submitted by the original purchaser

• Clearance bats priced/bought under $50

• Bats that have been hit by objects other than leather covered baseballs such as cleats and/or rocks. If marks on bats submitted match that of cleats and/or rocks, warranty will be void and will be

considered “abused”

• Grips, decals, or stickers

Note: Our warranty is not transferable and does not cover grips, abuse, misuse, bats used in commercial cages, altered bats or any bat that has been damaged due to improper care, accidents, misuse, overuse or negligence.

Requirement of Tender: As a condition of any warranty claim, the bat and a valid receipt from an authorized Victus dealer are tendered to Victus at the address listed below. Warranties will not be honored unless the bat and receipt are tendered. All products returned under warranty will be reviewed by our qualified staff. If it is determined that your bat is covered under warranty, Victus will send you either a repaired or replacement bat of the same model and size. We reserve the right to perform testing to determine if the bat meets warranty requirements and/or to refuse warranty service to any person who, in the judgment of Victus, abuses the Victus product and/or warranty policy. Victus also reserves the right to substitute a similar product as a replacement, if necessary.


(Manufacturer’s Warranty)

BBCOR and Other Certifications: Any marking, graphic or sticker applied to a Victus bat indicating that it is BBCOR certified or compliant or that the bat has obtained some other certification or approval from a third party shall only constitute a representation that the bat was so certified or approved at the time of purchase and not at any later time.

Should a bat that was certified or approved at the time of purchase subsequently lose that certification or approval, Victus may or may not, at its sole option, develop a program for retrofitting, repairing or replacing

the bat and/or providing a voucher to be applied toward purchases of Victus products. In such cases, the remedies provided under the program shall be the sole and exclusive remedies available to affected bat owners.


Dispute Resolution: In the event that any dispute regarding any condition of a Victus bat or any warranty claim cannot be resolved, purchaser and Victus agree that the dispute shall be subject to binding arbitration in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and that Louisiana law shall be applicable to the resolution of the dispute.

Notes: Bats returned without Original Proof of Purchase will not be warrantied.


If you have additional questions or concerns, you may contact us at WARRANTY@VICTUSSPORTS.COM.


How to Send Your Bat to Victus

  1. Review the Terms and Conditions above
  2. Complete the Return Authorization Form:
  3. Return your Victus bat, along with proof of purchase and a copy of the Return Authorization Form*, by prepaid carrier to the address provided on your return form.

*Please note: warranty returns missing an authorization form will experience delays in the replacement process. Also, you do not need to register a bat for warranty purposes. There was a misprint in the aluminum warranty card. You only need submit a claim if your bat is broken and needs to be replaced.



Customized items, including wood and aluminum bats, may not be returned or exchanged.

Exchanges (non-custom items): If you purchased your non-custom item at, you may exchange your item within 90 days from the date of purchase. Items must be new, unused, in their original packaging, and include proof of purchase. Victus will not exchange any engraved or used bats. If the customer wishes to exchange the bat for a different priced bat, the customer will either pay or be refunded the difference in price between the two bats. Replacement product on exchanges will be shipped within 7 business days.

Returns (non-custom items): If you purchased your item at, you may return your item within 30 days from the date of purchase. Items must be new, unused, in their original packaging and include proof of purchase. For qualifying returns, Victus will issue a refund to your credit card within 2 business days from the date we process your return. Refunds will not include the original shipping and handling costs and will be subject to a $9.99 restocking fee.


Return Address:

Victus Sports - RETURNS 
650 Clark Ave., Suite D
King of Prussia, PA 19406

We recommend keeping the tracking # for returns to ensure receipt.


Need help?

Email our warranty team or give us a call us at (267) 225-BATS


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