About Us

Victus Started As a Dream

We were working dead end jobs — unfulfilled and hating life. We’d sit around and talk about those endless summer nights playing baseball. The times where the world fell away and only the game was left. We wanted to find that kind of passion in our work.

We wanted baseball to be our life.

It hurt us to see wood bat companies who were just for profit, not for players. They weren’t about the quality of the wood or the feeling of that perfect swing.

We started Victus to buck tradition, push the status quo, and establish a higher standard in the wood bat industry. We became committed to helping players like you take their game to the next level.

With little resources, we went all in on a dream, left our jobs, moved away from home and started a bat company. To make ends meet, we lived in and out of motel rooms and spent nights in the shop — putting every fiber of our lives into each bat we produced.

We forged our passion into the best ash, birch, and maple bats we could make, and the grind paid off. Victus grew into a brand trusted by Big Leaguers and amateurs alike. They feel our obsession with quality, attention to detail, and taste for useful innovation in every swing.

In 2017, we found ourselves growing faster than we ever imagined and joined Marucci Sports to help take Victus to the next level. They share the same passion for baseball and commitment to players that carried our bats to the Big Leagues. With Marucci’s resources and expertise, we’re creating new products to push your game further while we continue to craft some of the most innovative, high-performing bats in the game.