'Cactus' X15

'Cactus' X15

This design in now locked in the Vault and no longer available.

'Cactus' X15

The Victus Limited Cactus X15 AXE Bat™ brings the noise. Featuring a powder blue barrel and a hand-painted speckled handle with varsity red accents this limited edition AXE Bat™ was created as part of our Limited Series. Available only while supplies last.

The Cactus is a Victus X15. The Victus X15 combines the Axe Bat™ knob and handle with a large barrel and end-loaded feel.

  • Model: X15
  • Knob/Handle: Axe Bat™
  • Barrel: Large
  • Feel: End-loaded
  • Wood: Maple
  • Made to order - Handcrafted in 4-8 weeks
  • Limited Series models are not covered by our 61-day warranty
  • Made in the USA
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