Warranty Policy

Victus Sports offers a 45 day warranty on Pro Reserve models listed on our website. Axe Bats ™ and Grit Matte bats are not covered by the 45-day warranty. Victus will honor the warranty of any Axe Bat ™ model purchased before this date. All wood bats are hand crafted to your exact specifications. Upon completion, your bat is inspected to ensure no blemishes or defects. Still, there are times that your bat may break for a variety of reasons.  If that happens within 45 days of purchase, we will be happy to provide a replacement bat, as long as there is no evidence of misuse.  All shipping charges will fall on the returning customer.

Examples of misuse that will not be covered under warranty include, but are not limited to:

  • Hitting anything other than baseballs
  • Hitting dimple balls at batting cages
  • Slamming the bat down
  • Collapsed cups that do not effect the bat's performance

All bats will be inspected upon return, and bats deemed unusable will be replaced.  If a bat is deemed usable, or abused, we will send the bat back to the customer with a detailed explanation.

If your Pro Reserve bat breaks within 45 days of purchase, please fill in the form located in the link below, and send the bat back to us for review, along with a proof of purchase (submitted digitally). As long as there is no clear evidence of misuse and the bat purchase was made within the last 45 days, your bat will be replaced, and a new bat will be shipped to you. If there is evidence of misuse, you will receive a detailed email with a full report.

Orders can only be replaced 1 time per bat purchase.


All returns must be shipped within 10 business days of a submitted warranty claim.


To submit a claim, please visit: warranty.victussports.com


Return Address:

Victus Sports - RETURNS
650 Clark Ave., Suite D
King of Prussia, PA 19406

We recommend acquiring a tracking # for returns to ensure receipt.