TS1 -8 Custom Pro Reserve

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TS1 -8 Custom Pro Reserve

Not your typical wood bat. The TS1 is a transition bat so it’s a little lighter than our other Pro Reserve sticks and has a larger barrel but still mashes like only a Victus bat can. This gamer is meant for players who are working their way up to the full wood bat experience or looking to work on their hitting mechanics.

All Pro Reserve bats feature our ProPACT finish.

  • Knob/Handle: Traditional 
  • Barrel: 2 ½ in. 
  • Cup: Full
  • Feel: Balanced
  • Wood: Maple or Ash
  • Drop Weight: Approx. -7
  • Big League-grade ink dot certified
  • USA youth compliant for in-game use
  • 45-day warranty included


TS1 -8 Custom Pro Reserve

Are You Sure?

What is a Smart-Ready Knob?

Smart Ready technology is provided by Diamond Kinetics’ SwingTracker sensor and is purchased separately. The SwingTracker captures your precise swing data will securely fit inside of the actual knob of a custom wood bat. By selecting Smart-Ready Knob, you’re authorizing the Victus wood production team to carve out part of the knob and install a dual-locking mechanism to firmly hold your SwingTracker sensor in place - which is not included with purchase of custom wood bat.