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BS23 (AJ10) Victus Pro Wood Finish Bat - Adult

BS23 (AJ10) Victus Pro Wood Finish Bat - Adult
Brand: Victus
Product Code: BS23

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This long, large barrel and medium sized handle makes for a surprisingly balanced swing.  The knob on this bat is unique, but is great for players with hamate problems or ones who like to put their bottom hand over the knob. 


Barrel 2.55"
Handle .93"
Knob Type Slight Flare
Batter Age
Minimum Age 13+
Density Scale
Density 3
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Just swung it for the first time and I was honestly afraid to because it was so pretty, but it feels incredible. This is the first maple bat Ive ever hit and I will definitely continue to hit them. Knob was smaller than I was expecting but outstanding overall

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