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HD28 Victus ProPACT Finish Bat

HD28 Victus ProPACT Finish Bat
Brand: Victus
Product Code: HD28 ProPACT

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Made from the most dense pieces of wood from our mill, this bat will give you maximum distance while providing a deafening crack every time you barrel a pitch. It has a 2.45 inch barrel and a 1 inch handle. The knob is standard, meaning its more straight in than it is flared. It has a long thin handle that leads into a medium barrel. It is an end loaded model, but if you choose to get it cupped, it will surely balance it out.

We are pleased to announce the release of our new ProPACT finish. Victus has always strived to put out the best quality product on the market, and to do so, we are constantly searching for new innovations. 

In addition to the professional grade wood you have always received, you now have the option to take it one step further. Our ProPACT finish alleviates the natural break-in process and hardens the wood by compressing it substantially. Accompanied by our pro hard finish, you can now receive a dent resistant rock hard product. 

Barrel 2.45”
Handle .93"
Knob Type Traditional
Batter Age
Minimum Age 13+
Density Scale
Density 4.5
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